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The whole truth about hyaluronic acid-based filler filler that does not upset the natural shape of the body, but helps to improve its appearance!

On the aesthetic medicine front, there are some strategies that help to "sculpt" the body at crucial points, without however being invasive. One of all? The remodeling of the silhouette with hyaluronic acid, that is, the use of the filler filler to create a body contouring without distorting the natural shape, but improving its appearance.


What kind of aesthetic solutions does the silhouette remodeling with hyaluronic acid offer?

"It offers multiple solutions, because it allows you to measure the exact amount of product inserted and to adjust its depth and area to be treated. It is excellent for those who are too thin and cannot aspire to lipofilling or for those who do not want to use cosmetic surgery to improve their silhouette ".


How invasive can it be considered?

"Like a simple cosmetic medicine treatment performed in a surgical clinic."


How exactly does it work?

"A local anesthesia is performed where it has been decided to insert the product. Through a cannula needle, i.e. a needle with a blunt tip to be as less invasive as possible, the product is inserted with the retrograde linear technique, i.e. distributing the product homogeneously in the area that is to be filled with the filler, and the small needle hole with a sterile patch. "


What results can honestly be achieved?

«It depends on expectations. A very thin person with a completely flat buttock cannot think of looking like Kim Kardashian, an arm with very loose skin, it will not become completely smooth, but in both cases the skin will be filled and tightened, or for example in the case of small sinking or irregularities in the body can make the skin homogeneous and the calves can acquire a beautiful toned shape ».


How many sessions do you need?

«Normally a session is sufficient, but it is always necessary to do a check about a week later to evaluate if the product inserted is sufficient or if small adjustments are necessary. However, this treatment is not permanent, therefore it will be necessary to make other sessions to maintain the desired result: over time, however, it will be necessary to use less product than the first time ». "The buttocks are the part that is treated the most, but also breasts, calves and arms can achieve very beautiful results aesthetically".


Does the treatment have a precise duration?

"When the body is involved, there are no absolute certainties; in the specific case of hyaluronic acid it depends on the speed with which it is reabsorbed by the patient. The average duration of the product is however estimated at around 8-10 months ".


Are there any particular contraindications or side effects?

«Like most aesthetic medicine treatments it is not indicated for pregnant women, or for those under an anticoagulant treatment.

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