Why buy Hyaluronidase online?

Hyaluronidase is a highly purified injectable solution. Used in the medical field for the management and control of pain and, in the aesthetic medicine sector, also for plastic surgery. It is mainly used to increase the spread of subcutaneous or intramuscular medical treatments, to promote the effectiveness of local anesthetics and subcutaneous infusions. Hyaluronidase is nothing more than an enzyme with a temporary and reversible depolymerizing effect on the hyaluronic acid polysaccharide, naturally present in our connective tissue, specifically in the intercellular matrix. This degradation treatment of hyaluronic acid favors the injectability of substances for aesthetic or medical treatments aimed at solving beauty or health problems. Usually, such products are derived from animal tissues, but to keep the product pure, a patented purification process has been followed, eliminating foreign DNA, viruses and foreign proteins that can damage the human body.

What is Hyaluronidase for

Hyaluronidase Ldrase is used to increase vascular and tissue permeability; to facilitate the diffusion of fluids into the tissues by reducing swelling (great for scars, for example). Excellent for making joint movements easier, to reduce and prevent contractures.

When Hyaluronidase does not use

This aesthetic and medical treatment must absolutely not be used in case of heparin and adrenaline administration. Substances such as furosemide, benzodiazepine and phenytoin were found to be incompatible. Inform your doctor if you need to proceed with a treatment based on these substances.

Validity of this medical product

Once the vial has been opened, the contents must be used immediately and any residue removed, following the regulations in force regarding the disposal of this special waste. Once the solution has been prepared, do not use if there are lumps, it is cloudy in color and smells bad. Sometimes, instead of a transparent liquid solution, a slightly yellow liquid can be obtained, but always clear and without defects.

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