De FAT Solution

  • Adipolysis + Liplysis
  • It gives a permanent effect as the dissolved fat cells will not be regenerated, replaced by collagen.
  • There will be no-rebound phenomenon and the fat cells will not be regenerated.
  • It is not only reduce the size of fat cells, but also dissolves the fat cells itself.


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De FAT is a product that is composed of deoxycholic acid and safe ingredients from natural sources and has excellent efficacy in the dissolution of fat cells and body fat. The physical characteristics of the deoxycholic acid allow the molecule to dissolve both in an aqueous environment and in a lipophilic environment. The molecule dissolves the fat cells and at the same time also dissolves the fat contained in it. Sodium deocycolate is the sodium salt of deoxycholic acid and the ingredient used to destroy fat cells. Mesotherapy is a practice considered an alternative to cosmetic surgery, in which deoxycholic acid targets and eliminates fat cells. De FAT was developed to maximize the dissolution effect of fats using very safe components and ingredients that have been tested for many years. Contains non-animal and natural deoxycholic acid. In addition, this product has been made with Asptic treatment and triple sterilization system, aseptic process, UV sterilization and hydrothermal sterilization.

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