Super V-Line Sol

  • 5 Vials / 1 box
  • 1 Vial / 10ml
  • Shelf Life: 3 years


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Super V-Line Sol is a product designed in Korea useful for removing body fat from different areas of the face. After the procedures, the skin is strengthened and the shape of the face takes on an elegant V-shape. The new and effective Super V-Line lipolytic complex is a preparation for correcting body fat on the face. The use of this indirect injection lipolytic for the face has proven to be truly effective. Indirect lipolytics for the face are known to be safer than direct lipolytic complexes. This lipolytic complex consists of purified water, thermophilus thermus, tyrosine, nut fruit extract, L-carnitine, horse chestnut extract, sodium chloride. It accelerates the lymphatic circulation and dissolves excess fat in the face and also reduces the swelling that derives from it, also removing the fat from the cheeks and double chin. Promotes cell regeneration and leaves the skin smooth and elastic giving a rapid fat removal treatment effect with somewhat perfect results. The treatment is quick and safe, with an estimated time of 5-10 minutes, and the effects will be immediate.

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