Slim Point Face

  • 5ml/syringe
  • 1 syringe/Box


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The second generation 6D Slim Point lipolysis injection is a product conceived in Korea. It is made for facial lipolysis, the results are very quick and fast right from the first session, 2 syringes are used per session and the results are truly long lasting. Famous for its fast result especially for the face, among its ingredients we find: Aqua, sodium chloride, tyrosine, Juglans Regia (nut seed extract, aesculus hippocastanum extract, disodium adenosine phasphate, fucus-vesiculosus extract, adenosine triphosphate, ophiopogon japonicus root extract, SH-Oligopeptide-I, SH-polypid tetrapeptide-44. Slim Point is made for slimming and strengthening the face, will tighten and lift the face while reducing fat and double chin in one session only. The facial differences thanks to Slim Point will be noticed immediately.

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