Pack of water solution: 10 ampoules of 8 Ml

It is a product against adiposity in the form of an aqueous solution

Ingredients: buffering chemicals, modified compound of deoxycholic acid, red microalgae sugars, other sugars, sodium chloride, water.



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Do you have excess fat in your body but you don't want to undergo invasive cosmetic procedures like a real surgery with a lot of anesthesia and scalpel or liposuction? Aqualiyx could be the product made especially for your needs!

Aqualyx, a micro gelatinous solution with molecules that perform an adipocytolytic action capable of modulating and intensifying the absorption effect of adipose tissue, by means of the external application of radiofrequency and mechanical massage. It is an innovative injection technique: the product is infiltrated using the intralipotherapy technique. This particular technique allows to trigger the so-called inhibition of the panniculus allowing the ultrasounds that will be applied on the external skin surface to carry out the process of localized micro cavitation, in order to favour the drainage of the organic fluids present in the treated area.

It is understood that this procedure must be carried out exclusively by a qualified doctor and with suitable tools, to avoid unpleasant consequences.

This treatment dissolves fat located on the inside and outside of the thighs, on the inside of the knees and in the hips and abdomen, as well as that located in the chin or butt.

The solution without is capable of destroying fat cells: it acts as a detergent by destroying fat by breaking down the cell membrane and triggering the adipocytolysis process. This means that localized fat melts without the need for invasive techniques such as liposuction. The membranes, breaking, will release water and triglycerides, substances that will be naturally excreted through the kidneys and liver.

Compared to surgery and most cosmetic procedures, Aqualyx is non-invasive and its effectiveness is faster, as well as being painless: the only discomfort can only be caused by the penetration of the needle into the skin.

The injection procedure consists in finding the injection point (s), it depends on the size of the area to be treated. Furthermore, compared to other treatments, it takes fewer sessions to obtain valid results.

Even if it is not a real surgery it does not mean that it is not risk-free, therefore it is advisable to consult a qualified doctor who will check if you have the necessary parameters for the Aqualyx procedure (especially the adequate weight and the accumulated amount of fat in the area to be treated).

It is an innovative solution especially for women, who are more prone than men to the localized accumulation of fat in specific areas such as hips, abdomen, buttocks and thighs, even though they may be following diets or doing sufficient physical exercise.

As a precaution, the use of Aqualyx is not recommended for those who are severely overweight or suffer from obesity as adverse reactions such as superficial hematomas or real skin redness may occur. In addition, some patients may experience localized pain and itching, swelling in the treated area, widespread pain. If these symptoms are not transient, it is advisable to consult a qualified doctor who will assess the situation.

Absolutely to avoid the Aqualyx treatment in patients with acute or chronic diseases, including autoimmune diseases, in subjects allergic and intolerant to drugs, in pregnancy and breastfeeding. There is the remote possibility of allergic or skin irritation episodes. In addition, the use of the product must be carefully evaluated if the patient takes anticoagulant drugs.

To be eligible for treatment, it will be necessary to undergo a preliminary medical examination, the specialist will evaluate whether to request other tests. Once suitability has been obtained, the product can be infiltrated exclusively with the intralipotherapy method, using special Lipoinject needles.

At the end of the session, the patient will be free to return to his daily habits as long as he does not spread crème or other cosmetics on the treated part for at least 12 hours, and avoids exposure to the sun or direct heat sources.

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