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The difference between aspirin and acetylsalicylic acid? None! Aspirin is the name that was given to the medicine but that has taken over and undermined the original name, so it also happens for botox. There are many brands on the market that promise miracles, but which may cost a lot. For this reason, many people tend to buy generic botox. The product is nothing but botulinum toxin type A with the same active ingredient as botox with the brand printed on the package. This is the classic equivalent drug, but which temporarily treats skin aging, hyperhidrosis and muscle spasms.



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What is Botox? This is a question that is very popular when you decide to undergo this particular procedure and want to know more about what kind of substance you want to inject. OnabotulinotoxinA is nothing more than the substance made up of the bacteria that cause botulism, a severe food poisoning caused by the toxins that the Clostridium botulinum bacterium naturally produces. The organism responsible for this intoxication enters the body through spoiled or contaminated food, or the spores are accidentally ingested or even from an open wound, but even those who undergo botulinum toxin injections can risk contracting this pathology due to excessive overdose, incorrect dilution or wrong injection site. Or simply, after undergoing the treatment, the patient scratches himself or starts to make efforts or a strenuous sport, spreading the toxin with the risk of it entering the bloodstream. If not treated in time, botulism can lead to fatal consequences as it causes respiratory paralysis and asphyxiation, certainly a bad death for a not really noble reason. For this reason, it is always recommended to pay attention to certain symptoms that are like an alarm bell such as nausea, vomiting and difficulty speaking or breathing, or simply a similar gastroenteritis.

Certainly botox is not only used to smooth out wrinkles, there are countless muscular and bladder diseases that can be treated and therefore many discomfort can be relieved, although it is a temporary remedy and does not have immediate effects, but long-term. . Neurological disorders related to spasticity can also be treated, in addition to the fact that sweating can be inhibited by acting on the sweat glands.

Even in the case of generic botox, the doctor will have to evaluate the amount of product to use and therefore the proportions to dilute it adequately, but it depends from patient to patient. Having the effectiveness of a famous botox at a cheaper price, without having problems if not perhaps the same side effects and discomfort. It is ideal for the treatment of glabellar wrinkles or crow's feet, wrinkles present in the lip contour, in those of expression especially on the forehead.

As for the dosages, the doctor will evaluate case by case as no one is an individual equal to another, for this reason a preliminary interview is always required to evaluate the case, do the routine analyzes and then proceed with any intervention by injection of botulinum toxin. Certainly this solution is less expensive than a facelift and does not involve the loss of days for hospitalization or to treat pain and scars after surgery. As with other botox, it is important not to exert too much effort for a short period of time or to lie down, in order to avoid favoring the spread of generic botox and causing damage.

The side effects of generic botox are the same as those of designer botox, so redness or swelling at the injection site, or pain. All absolutely normal things and that pass in a few days, if this is not the case, it is better to consult the specialist.

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