Hyafilia Grand - 1ml syringe

  • Composition: HA 20mg/ml (without lidocaine)
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Shelf life: 36 months
  • Storage: 2-25°


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Hyafilia Grand is an effective filler whose function is to keep the face young and fresh, for this reason it is very effective which has guaranteed the stability of the injected filler. With a particle size of 1100 μm, this is a thick filler that can be injected into areas such as the chin, cheekbones, forehead or nose. It can be used without any problem to increase the volume and shape of the facial lines for more beautiful but completely natural facial features. Most patients use it to quickly smooth deep creases on the face or neck or improve the appearance of the chin, nose, lips, cheeks or temples, all of which will benefit from the use of this powerful HA filler. . This skin-optimized filler filler has a biphasic gel structure and is able to preserve the effects of the treatment for up to 12 months. Hyafilia Grand takes the natural properties of hyaluronic acid and makes the best use of it. HA is a substance naturally present in the human body, which can retain up to 500 times its weight in water. It has a vital role in the natural hydration of the skin. In their natural state, HA molecules are dissolved very quickly by the body's enzymes. However, in the Hyafilia Grand production process, this HA is combined with BDDE, which creates a crosslinked structure of hyaluronic acid, which is substantially more stable and resistant to the dissolving effect of enzymes. Although HyaFilia Grand contains a small amount of BDDE residue (since it has been crosslinked), it still remains safe to use on a wide range of patients without any risk of unwanted allergic reactions.

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