Lipolytic Lipo Lab PPC Solution


Lipolab is recommended to be used by mesotherapy as one of lipolysis methods in case of the following problems: fat deposits; cellulite. 1 single vial / 10ml. Phosphatidylcholine (PPC) - 1000 mg

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Lipo Lab PPC Solution, lose weight with a lipolytic

A simple and non-invasive solution to lose weight without resorting to cosmetic surgery: South Korea, a nation expert in beauty treatments, has exported the Direct Action Lipo Lab PPC Solution, a universal lipolytic treatment with the function of causing the phenomenon of cell lipolysis in a chemical way, in order to eliminate fat and cellulite without having to undergo surgery or painful treatments.

Lose weight with Direct Action Lipo Lab PPC Solution

The heat is not the only problem of the summer: it is no secret that many people are ashamed to show themselves in swimsuits and choose to sweat seven shirts in order to hide adiposity and other problems related to excess body fat. Sometimes, it is not enough to do constant physical activity and follow a strict diet to lose weight, especially if you apply the DIY method and do not go to a nutritionist or personal trainer. Usually, people who just can't get rid of the extra pounds on strategic areas of the body choose, despite themselves, to resort to scalpels, with often disappointing results. Not so much for the actual final result, as for the operation itself, post-operative pain, hospitalization and the appearance of any scars, if the surgeon has to remove real portions of fat or has to perform deep liposuction .

Modern aesthetic medicine is studying various non-invasive solutions precisely to definitively eliminate the various problems of plastic surgery of this type, through injectable products. For example, fillers are very famous precisely because they are used to reduce wrinkles and the most common facial imperfections, such as to plump and reshape certain areas of the body. Well, from South Korea here is a product suitable for dissolving localized fat by means of a simple solution in a glass ampoule ready to be injected with a sterile syringe: it is Direct Action Lipo Lab PCC Solution.

What is and how Direct Action Lipo Lab PPC Solution works

It is an innovative product, coming from South Korea, a country in which aesthetics is a very important factor and is part of culture (not surprisingly, the most famous skin-and body care routine products come from here, just think of fabric masks). It is a localized lipolytic treatment, to stimulate lipolysis and designed so that the doctor can make the "puncture" in the problematic area of ​​the body in order to eliminate excess fat reserves and have a slimmer and more toned line.

Types of lipolysis

Lipolysis refers to the chemical process in which lipids degrade due to the intervention of some enzymes, lipases, which have the function of breaking down food fats, called triglycerides, into other substances such as glycerol and fatty acids. This process is part of the metabolism and is called in medicine lipid catabolism. It is activated thanks to specific hormones, for example, adrenaline, glucagon, cortisol or testosterone.

This process occurs naturally during digestion: the mechanisms of the human body already try to make digestible the substances that are not naturally occurring when they pass through the digestive system. The stomach is the starting point of the various gastric lipases and the transformation of triglycerides into monoglycerides, less complex substances. This process, in turn, stimulates the production of lipases in the pancreas and the transformation is completed in the small intestine, thanks to the acids contained in the bile. Once transformed, they can be integrated into the bloodstream. However, it happens that the intestinal mucosa absorbs excess dietary fat, therefore a process called lipogenesis is triggered, that is when these lipids are stored in cells used for the purpose, called adipocytes, which form the adipose tissue and retain the fat reserves to be used when the body needs energy. The easiest, but perhaps the most tiring way to stimulate the process is to exercise continuously and to perform a balanced diet without excess.

In addition to the natural lipolysis that occurs during the digestive process, scientists have studied several solutions to provoke this mechanism and make patients lose weight. Since the 1950s there has been talk of an injection therapy that originates from mesotherapy, which consists in administering drugs in the mesoderm as a fat-melting therapy. Other more recent alternatives are ultrasound therapy, used to reduce cellulite and drain, and laser.

How Direct Action Lipo Lab PPC Solution works

The drug is presented in a 10 ml ampoule to be injected into a specific area of ​​the body. The procedure is not invasive and the effects last a long time, without having the consequences of an invasive surgical treatment. It is necessary to specify that this treatment must be administered in adequate structures and by expert hands and is not suitable for DIY. It is a filler with the function of dissolving fat deposits, thanks to the substances contained in it, such as phosphatidylcholine and sodium deoxycholate. Both are two completely natural substances, as phosphatidylcholine is an enzyme found in eggs, legumes, mustard and sunflower seeds and has the function of dissolving fats when combined with sodium deoxycholate which helps to penetrate the membranes mobile phones. It too is found in nature, indeed, inside the human body since it is a biliary enzyme. The combo of the two substances leads the subcutaneous fat to turn into an emulsion, so as to be eliminated as a slag through the liver, blood and kidneys, as well as from sweat.

Where can lipolytic treatment be used?

The product can be injected in different areas of the body, for example in the double chin to eliminate the unsightly layer of fat, in the armpits and in the forearms in order to make them look slimmer, to make love handles disappear and the belly in excess, in the hips and buttocks, to make fat and cellulite disappear. In addition to making you lose weight, the substances contained in the product make the skin smooth, elastic and above all without imperfections.

The injection is carried out in the desired area, locating the fat deposits in depths varying from 6 to 13 millimeters: the professional will decide where to puncture, anesthesia will not be necessary as it is a painless treatment and, in the majority of cases, does not cause side effects if not slight discomfort and burning in the direction of the injection hole, if you have delicate skin and the doctor has had to thread the needle deeply. Depending on the problem, the doctor himself will evaluate whether to use the contents of the vial without dilution or proceed in any other way.

How long does the lipolytic treatment Direct Action Lipo Lab PPC Solution

The times are the same as those of a normal filler, even if it all depends on the vastness of the area to be treated. On average, everything takes between 15 and 30 minutes and the result lasts up to 4 weeks. It is not a permanent treatment and for particularly important fat deposits or for fibrous cellulite, you will have to act in several sessions. In principle, between 4 and 15 chemical lipolysis sessions must be done to achieve the body of dreams.

Direct Action Lipo Lab PPC Solution, side effects and conclusions

The doctor will have to assess whether he is suitable for the treatment of chemical lipolysis, as not everyone can take advantage of it: those suffering from epilepsy, allergy to one or more components, those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, those suffering from autoimmune diseases , or have ongoing infections or chronic diseases, herpes and eczema, you will not be able to take these injections. It is good to keep the treatment in a place without sources of light and heat at room temperature, preferably in the dark and respecting the expiry date.

A state-of-the-art South Korean treatment for those who cannot lose weight or just want to refine certain areas of the face or body and achieve the much-desired perfect beauty. Direct Action Lipo Lab PPC Solution is a drug that works as a filler filler, but which has the function of dissolving fats with the advantage of having everything under control. Thanks to the check-ups, the doctor will see the improvements in progress and you can decide how many other sessions to reach the goal, especially in case of fat in the hips and belly area, in addition to severe cases of cellulite and fat deposits on the buttocks with only one ampoule and a sterile syringe, disposable and with a thin needle and without pain or long recovery times.

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