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Bags and dark circles have always been enemies of female beauty: women have always used ancient remedies to counteract this evident blemish under the eyes, but when even specific creams are not enough, the solution could be the filler for dark circles in order to eliminate the panda effect from the eyes of females, but also of boys.


Dark circles filler, what it is and how it works

The eyes are the mirror of the soul, and certainly look in the mirror in the morning discovering that you have two black and swollen circles under each lower eyelid: in other words, dark circles and especially bags. Although there are many remedies to minimize these unsightly signs, the causes of bags and dark circles can certainly not be eliminated with roll-ons, refreshing sticks, compresses of hot or cold water or chamomile, the so-called miraculous creams and more.

Fortunately, aesthetic medicine has developed ad hoc treatments to combat blemishes, or fillers for dark circles. The eye area is perhaps the most delicate area of ​​a face, for this reason doctors tend to advise against a real surgery in favor of the so-called "pricks" using fillers. These are innovative techniques since it is possible to decide whether to intervene in depth or to remain on the surface to correct and even reduce those dark halos of the eye area.


Types of fillers

Aesthetic medicine has made great strides with regards to the filler treatments of this branch of medical science. The latest innovations regarding the dark circles filler are of the absorbable type, suitable for all women and men determined to eliminate bags and dark circles obtaining a fresh look and a younger look, as well as having perfect and flawless skin thanks to a puncture in a strategic point. The technique that unites the various fillers involves filling the area of ​​the dark circles with hyaluronic acid and / or with other substances to eliminate excessive pigmentation and other imperfections. This is an ideal rapid intervention, especially to reach the most difficult points, for example towards the root of the nose or around the cheekbones, in case the dark circles are extended.

Each professional will offer the patient a different filling injection technique, depending on the type of aesthetic problem. Unlike a real surgery, there is no need for anesthesia or hospitalization, and recovery times are very fast, however, each aesthetic doctor will require a preliminary visit in order to assess the severity of the problem and decide how to correct the imperfection and obtain satisfactory results.


Difference between bags and dark circles

Bags and dark circles are two problems considered equal by inexperienced people, even if they could be aging, dehydration, unregulated nutrition, spending too much time in front of a screen (PC monitor, tablet or the same smartphone). In fact, there are two different types of defects in the eye area that effectively age the human face. As for dark circles, they are nothing more than halos that appear immediately under the lower eyelid or that surround the entire area of ​​the eye area. They are characterized in that it looks like a shade with shades from blue-purple to brown which gives the idea of ​​having sunken eyes. Sometimes, the halo is accompanied by a slight swelling. The defects of the bags under the eyes are due to the natural and progressive relaxation of the affected tissues. Having become inelastic, in some cases even the eyelid itself gives way.

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