Long lasting fillers


Nowadays, skin fillers are widespread and coveted in the world of plastic surgery.

These products are easy to find, and many use them as their use involves a practical and minimally invasive procedure.

Thanks to these products, which for their characteristics are required by men and women of all ages, it is much easier and painless to remove wrinkles and go to make small adjustments in areas such as forehead, periodic area, face, cheeks, lips, chin and face contour.

Some solutions are suitable for the treatment of the neck, décolleté and hands.

The aesthetic market therefore offers a great variety of products which makes it difficult to choose among the various offers it offers.

In 2020 many other products were put on the market, starting from those that promise to rejuvenate the skin to those that guarantee excellent filling of the areas to be treated.

Let's now deal with the fundamental properties that make a filling substance of excellent quality.


When we talk about a perfect dermal filler, we must guarantee its efficiency on several levels:

    • Duration over time;

    • To guarantee the most natural aspect possible;

    • Be sure;

    • Be suitable for the patient.

There are many types of fillers: some contain substances also present in the human body such as collagen and hyaluronic acid; others that are synthetic and produced in the laboratory use substances such as polymethylmethacrylate and poly-L-lactic acid.

Cosmetic surgeons are more likely to choose those of the first category as they are safer and with rare and not serious side effects, and which are the novelty of this 2020.

These fillers, also known by the name of HA fillers, have a remarkable anti-aging function and this year we will find several brands on the market, including JUVEDERM, RESTYLANE, REVOLAX, AQUASHINE, DERMALAX, MONALISA, REJEUNESSE and ZISHEL.

Some of them are already cornerstones of the aesthetic sector, others are new arrivals that will try to oust the first mentioned from the throne.


These two fillers are the best known and most used cosmetic products ever. RESTYLANE holds the record in its category and the products of this brand were born in the 90s in Sweden. Its official competitor is JUVEDERM which began to assert itself later.

The products are similar: they offer a temporary correction of facial wrinkles and rejuvenate it, improving its contour and giving volume; they repair the folds that form in the mouth and nose area and reduce expression lines.

Restylane is recommended in the area of ​​the lips, cheeks and nose while Juvederm is excellent for correcting bags under the eyes and lip wrinkles.

The latter has a smooth and elastic consistency which however does not adapt to the deeper folds while Restylane, despite being the most common, can leave bumps around the injection site.

The two fillers therefore, despite being the best known, are certainly not entirely perfect and could soon be replaced by commercial news.


Most fillers see their effect disappear after a few months and therefore we are constantly looking for solutions that offer balance in the structure and concentration of the gel that is inoculated.

Across discovered the trick to guarantee a duration of 12/18 months thanks to the Revolax product, which rejuvenates the skin through the use of a structured monophasic gel that remains stable in the skin without moving, preserving the results of the treatment.

Revolax Fine acts on mobile injection sites where the skin is very thin, such as in the eye area.


Her older brother, Revofil, has been around for some time and so Caregen's AQUASHINE has already been successful.

The product, which has won over both surgeons and patients, is of excellent quality and acts on soft tissues.

It is a mix of hyaluronic acid and mesotherapy injectables, all linked to peptides (biomimetic type) and HA. Also present minerals, vitamins, coenzymes and amino acids. Thanks to this product we can remove wrinkles and give elasticity to the skin, rehydrating and brightening it.


The final purpose of a filler product is to give it a natural look. Dermalax is the top of its category. Even Dermalax Implant Plus that deals with nasolabial folds, immediately restores the volume of cheeks and lips without incurring any risk. These fillers have a single-sided BLOB structure which is very dense and resistant. Its HA gel gives natural results at a really affordable price.


It is certainly not the cheapest filler on the market but it is the cheapest one.

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