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On this page you will find below the list of lip fillers that you can order online on our website, we sell among the best brands of injectable products to fill the lips. The world that revolves around the theme of the "Filler for Lips" is very colorful and has various aspects, starting from the different techniques and treatments and then arriving at the risks and possible complications.



When we talk about fillers, we are talking about a category of substances of natural or artificial origin that through an injection through small needles, have the task of filling the labial mucosa or plumping the lip contour.



The injection can be of various kinds and is distinguished between serial (about 5 punctures are made per lip) and linear (the needle follows the entire area continuously without leaving empty spaces). In some cases, the flexible micro cannula is used to lessen the trauma to the lips and go to fill each area in the same way without too many entry points. Usually several sessions are done to obtain the desired effect. Sometimes a swelling may appear at the injection point and it is not known if this is due to the low amount of the injected material or an inaccuracy in the execution of the treatment itself. If too much material is used, it can be expected to reabsorb (thanks to the inoculation of an enzyme known as hyaluronidase in the case of filler with hyaluronic acid) even if in most cases more can be injected.



do not take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs; anti-edema creams; do not drink alcohol; avoid evil in the treated area for at least 12 hours; do not expose yourself to the sun if oedematous or bright areas occur; do not expose yourself to the cold. The results can be immediate or manifest after a few days, obviously after the disappearance of the swelling.



They are usually mild in nature and some resolve spontaneously. The swelling lasts about 48 hours and hot and humid compresses and the use of topical cortisone are recommended. Always listen to medical indications as acting independently can have unpleasant consequences.

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